Win Sushike goodies and a world-class magician to your party!

Sushike is a new, healthy way to enjoy sushi!

Sushike products are in stores February 2nd 2023. We celebrate our launch by a tasting tour and lottery where you and your friends can win delicious Sushike for ten and a world-class magician, Christian Engblom’s show to your party.

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And when we say world-class, we truly mean it. Check this out:

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Taste Sushike near to you

Sushike and Christian will be on tour after our launch.
Come enjoy the Sushike taste with close-up magic.

Tour dates and places

15.2. Lahti, Prisma Laune klo 16–20
16.2. Lahti, Prisma Holma klo 16–20
18.2. Jyväskylä, Prisma Seppälä klo 12–16
22.2. Hollola, Prisma klo 16–20
23.2. Riihimäki, Prisma klo 16–20

8.3. Forssa, Prisma klo 16–20
16.3. Tampere, Prisma Koivistonkylä klo 16–20
17.3. Tampere, Prisma Linnainmaa klo 16–20
18.3. Nokia, Prisma klo 10–14

22.3. Pirkkala, Prisma CANCELLED
23.3. Sastamala, Prisma CANCELLED
24.3. Turku, Prisma Piispanristi CANCELLED
25.3. Turku, Prisma Itäharju CANCELLED
29.3. Turku, Prisma Mylly CANCELLED
30.3. Turku, Prisma Tampereentie CANCELLED
31.3. Loimaa, Prisma CANCELLED

1.4. Turku, Prisma Länsikeskus CANCELLED
6.4. Jyväskylä, S-Market Savela CANCELLED
7.4. Jyväskylä, Mestarin Herkku CANCELLED
8.4. Jyväskylä, S-Market Vaajala CANCELLED
13.4. Hyvinkää, Prisma CANCELLED
14.4. Helsinki, Prisma Itäkeskus CANCELLED
15.4. Espoo, Prisma Iso Omena CANCELLED
20.4. Vantaa, Prisma Jumbo CANCELLED
21.4. Järvenpää, Prisma CANCELLED
22.4. Helsinki, Prisma Kaari CANCELLED
27.4. Espoo, Prisma Sello CANCELLED
28.4. Helsinki, Prisma Tripla CANCELLED
29.4. Helsinki, Prisma Viikki CANCELLED