New and Healthy
Way to Enjoy Sushi !

Sushike Box

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An assortment of delicious nigiris and makis made Sushike style. Sushike Box contains half the calories and carbohydrates when compared to traditional sushi. And it packed with all the flavor!

Sushike Bowl
Smoked Salmon–Barley

Sushike Bowl contains fresh vegetables, fair portion of salmon, Finnish barley and a whole lot of flavour. Sushike version of traditional sushi bowl is a delicious and fulfilling meal, but has only half the calories and carbohydrates.

Both Sushike products have the Heart Symbol

Sushike Box ja Sushike Bowl Smoked Salmon–Barley are both healthy choices. They are light on calories but also good for you in terms of having less salt and fat. We´re proud that both Sushike products fit well within Heart Symbol´s health requirements. Besides that, Sushike Box contain glucomannan which helps decrease cholesterol and makes losing weight easier.

Enjoy the taste, not the calories!