Consumer Feedback

Nope, this wasn’t a good week for us in the Suomalainen menestysresepti show. Our consumer research failed epicly due to human error. Our product samples were wrong and thus we got what we deserved..

We were shattererd to fail just there and then. We always thought for us the most important things in the competition were taste and customer feedback. They are the best guidelines for us. in terms of our own success.  We were very sad – though Mimi used a bit harsher language in TV.

It was nice though, that the feedback was still quite good even though we failed totally in our own terms.

Sushike Bowl: a New Addition to Sushike Family

Judge Kurttila thought in the feedback, wether Sushike Bowl was a quick and dirty new R & D gimmick. It wasn’t. Our team had done a lot of work on it. We wanted to bring another delicious meal to the same Sushike taste family.

After our failure in the show we did another round of customer testing. It wasn’t featured in the show, but we got there! We were very relieved to find out that industrial scale manufacturing succeeded and the end results were top quality and taste. As a matter of fact we just finished our last test runs before the launch yesterday. And were proud to tell, WE’RE GOOD TO GO! Both Sushike Box and Sushike Bowl will be on store shelves on February 2nd.

Damn that feels good!

By the way, magician Christian Engblom, who appeared in the episode, will be joining us on the road at our tastings. We’ll announce the stores and dates a bit later.