Risk analysis and putting out fires

For Sushike team risk analysis episode was interesting and definitely necessary. The only issue was that had it taken place a few weeks earlier, it would have been even more useful. Then we would’ve had more time to prepare ourselves for some surprises. Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve…

And there we were. Knee-deep in it.

Contract manufacturer couldn’t handle the demand

Finding a Finnish contract manufacturer for our Sushike Box turned out to be a lot more difficult than we expected. There is no large scale facility in Finland, so we had to go fishing farther than the sea. Finnish company’s factory in Tallinn could do it – and oh boy, how they have delivered.

Thinking all of it now, we made the right choice!

Lunden manufactures products for Finnish groceries retailers. There are two trucks leaving the factory every day with fresh product. Because of their established logistics we get Sushike fast to consumers: refrigerated transport from factory to ship early in the evening, goods to logistics terminal in the night, delivery to shops in the morning and fresh Sushike Boxes for lunch. You just can’t do it lot faster!

The only and the best option for Sushike

Thanks to the whole team at Lunden! Our respect towards your attitude, know-how and quality of the product has only deepened during these past weeks.

Thirteen points for this episode feels like a defensive victory when you see what kind challenges we had at the time of the shoot. At least we have brought drama to this food reality!

Despite the risks that have realized along the way, all team feels we are getting there and it’s only the beginning of Sushike story. Only three short weeks to go!